Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi Game Reserve

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  1.  South Africa’s tourism fair, Indaba voted Moremi the ‘best game reserve in Africa’ in 2008.
  2. First reserve in Africa to be established by the local residents due to the rapid depletion of wildlife because of uncontrolled hunting and cattle encroachment.
  3. The Batawana people of Ngamiland, under the leadership of the deceased Chief Moremi III’s wife, Mrs. Moremi, took the bold initiative to proclaim Moremi a game reserve in 1963.
  4. The only officially protected area of the Okavango Delta that holds tremendous scientific, environmental and conservation importance.
  5. Moremi ranks as one of the most beautiful reserves in Africa, possibly in the world.
  6. Situated in the central and eastern areas of the Okavango, including  the Moremi Tongue and chief’s island.
  7. One of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the continent.


  1.  Game viewing and bird watching is spectacular.
  2. Includes all major naturally occurring herbivore and carnivore species in the region.
  3. Over 400 species of birds, many migratory and some endangered, can be found in the area.
  4. A ‘Big Five’ destination with the re-introduction of both black and white rhino.
  5. Within an area of approximately 3900 sq kms, land and delta meet to create a picturesque preserve of:
  • floodplains (either seasonally or perennially wet)
  • waterways
  • lagoons,
  • pools
  • pans
  • grasslands and riparian
  • riverine and mophane forests

8.   The terrain makes driving the many loops and trails both delightful and, at times, totally inspiring.
9.   A very popular destination for the self-drive camper,  often combined with the Chobe National Park to the                northeast.
10.  The rustic Third Bridge campsite is situated near the pretty Sekiri River flanked with thick stands of                         papyrus.
11.  Spectacular sunsets over the Okavango Delta.



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